Technology Strength

Team Strength

Our professional skills, efficient work, firm conviction, full of enthusiasm, pragmatic attitude and strong cohesion, to work together for our customers technical services, to achieve customer, employee, company win-win situation

Property advantages

Frequency control technology,with the core software algorithms and the corresponding intellectual property,To provide customers with hardware, software and system control solutions

Technical advantages

Led by software and hardware experts, more than 50% of technical staff make continuous efforts to develop new products to meet the needs of customers.We pursue the best products and make our contribution to energy saving and environmental protection.

Quality assurance

Adopt ISO9000 quality management system, emphasize the concept of "customer-centric", clearly control every link that may produce unqualified products, and satisfy customers' requirements through the operation of each process in the system so as to continuously improve the company's position in the customer's mind.

Laboratory Equipment

High-precision electronic load

Electrostatic discharge test bench

Surge & Pulse Integrated Test Platform

Intelligent safety comprehensive test equipment

High-precision mixed-signal oscilloscope

High-power programmable program-controlled AC power supply

High and low temperature box

Data Comparison

Keep improving

Pursuit of the perfect craftsman spirit, which is what we seek quality

Pursuit of excellence

Become the industry leader, is our non-detachable obligations

learn widely from others' strong points

Learn from each other to do fine, is our constant guidelines

Production Equipment

Crest welder

AOI optical detector

SMT placement machine

Reflow welding machine

Hardware & software development process