Split heat pump controller

Split heat pump controller Including the drive, power filter board, outdoor control panel, indoor control panel.

Product series:3HP / 4HP / 5HP / 6HP
This product is suitable for DC inverter heat pump system, A variety of techniques are used, such as 180°Sine wave vector control, torque compensation, Weak magnetic control, MTPA current control, active PFC control. At the same time it has a variety of protection features to deal with the following situation such as inrush current, IPM short circuit, Compressor phase loss, Overcurrent, Over / Under Voltage, Emergency stop, overheat, System high pressure and so on. In the system control, you can Through this product Monitor inlet and outlet water temperature and control Outdoor DC motor (or tapped motor), 4-way reversing valve, Electronic expansion valve, Speed pump.

Indoor control panel performance

Outdoor control panel performance

Drive performance indicator