November 16,2017

Shandong Province vigorously promote clean heating projects

November 16 news, Shandong Province will vigorously promote renewable energy clean heating project.

Shandong Province proposed "gas instead of coal" and "electricity on behalf of coal" should be based on measures to promote local conditions. In the area of gas source implementation, we can choose natural gas distributed energy, gas boiler and other ways to promote natural gas heating; in the area with sufficient power, develop user terminal heating mode, comprehensively use all kinds of heat pumps and high efficiency electric boilers and other ways to promote electricity heating. At the same time, Shandong Province will also actively develop electricity heating and heat storage combined with heating mode.

It is understood that Shandong Province will strive to achieve the full coverage of clean heating by counties (cities) with population of 200,000 or more by 2019, and other counties basically achieve full coverage by 2020.