Talent Concept

We are a passionate and energetic team with clear goals and direction.We can provide our employees with a platform to grow and help them enhance and realize their value. people who are practical, hard working, honest, persistent and highly capable will be welcome.

As long as you are passionate enough about your job!

As long as your execution is strong!

Come here and join us!

Preferable Requirements:

  1. Hardworking

  2. Lofty character

  3. Remorseless

  4. Pragmatic

  5. Poor

  6. Indebted

  7. Mortgage

Please come to join us!

Online Recruitment

Online Recruitment

Production Manager

  • MajorElectronic information engineering and electrical engineering automation related major
  • Age28-45 years old
  • EducationCollege degree or above
  • Numbers
  • Gender1
  • ExperienceMore than 3 years work experience in production and manufacturing enterprise management


Phone: 0571-58237927
E-mail: weijj@yichwan.com